Training Course

Aquaculture is growing extremely rapidly but before diving in one should have basic theoretical understanding backed up by fundamental practical knowledge about water. We have been regularly approached by farmers and also students to run a basic water quality testing course.This time we are ready to start a hands on course in water management which will take the participants through the daily routines associated with running of a commercial fish farm, focusing on mixed carp culture,cat fish farming and also referring to many other species as well. Fish farming theory is designed in detail but the main focus will be on the management systems and practical aspects of daily management.

The central theme of the course is skill development for unemployed youth. Persons attending the courses will be able to solve many theoretical and or practical tasks during the course, and after completion is awarded with a certificate describing the content of the course and Valueman Organic generally offers stipend basis trainee post to successful participants.

With a logically organized pre printed study materials and power point presentation the training session accompanies a day long fish farm visit. The training is conducted by trained technicians & supervised by an experienced person who has about forty years of teaching experience.