Our Management

Mr. Minhaj Uddin is the founder of ‘Valueman’ brand. He is a Commerce graduate from William Carey’s Serampore College under Calcutta University, West Bengal. An A+ MBA professional, he is a Professional Doctorate in Management from National Institute of Management, Mumbai, India. He is a visionary ; became a successful entrepreneur at his tender age.

The company’s board comprises of people from business communities, intellect, qualified professionals, consultant, able services providers and top hardcore technical servants have formed the back bone of the company.

What we do ?

Valueman Organic® is a full fledged trading house involved in marketing of certified organic agriculture products and supply of branded feeds for veterinary use.

The company has its registered and corporate office in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Its tag line with label is also registered as Organic India, Healthy India!

Business Line

We have been very much present in whole-sale supply and trading of wide ranges of our own products marketed in agricultural fields. Our product range all comes in our own brand name such as,

Valueman Organic — Organic agricultual input like, Organic manure, soil nourisher, Plant growth promoter, Plant growth regulator, Organic fungicide, pesticide, etc.

Valueman Aqua — Pelleted and non pelleted Fish feed ranges – Valueman Aqua Floating fish Feed, Sinking Fish Feed, Mash and Vannamei Shrimp Feed.

Valueman Cattle Feed — Mash and pelleted quality of high protein cattle feed.

Valueman Poultry Feed — Includes three different types of feed required during poultry farming, viz., Pre-Starter feed, Starter Feed and Finisher.

Our Philosophy

We are devoted to sustain Organic Farming and use of organic products to acquire a reputable position in the marketplace. We aim to change the hazardous agricultural methods in a positive and eco-friendly manner. At Valueman Organic®, we foster Veracity, Trust, Affability and Motivation which are the core values of our company. We always discover fresh possibilities with confidence and positive mind. We want to make the world a better place for our present and upcoming generation.


We have been awarded the prestigious membership of the INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in the month of Jan 2017. Moreso, we are an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, and MSME registered.


We publish an in-house news paper fortnightly by the name of ‘Ananda Bahar’ featuring organic news and articles with a special page subtitling ‘Valueman Organic Varta’.