What feed should be used ?
  • Use always nutritionally balanced feeds. Atypical shrimp feed may contain the following: Crude protein – 36.0% , Lipid – 5.0%, Moisture – 8.6% and Ash – 15.0%
  • Feed s stored and exposed to wet condition or feeds containing moisture more than 10%Develop fungus and reduce shelf-life. Such feeds are unsuitable for use and should beAvoided. Feed should always be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
  • Do not use any feed which is stored for more than 3 months as it loses its nutritional quality and may also become harmful. Check the date of manufacture and nature of its odour before buying. A fresh stock of feed emanates fresh fishy smell. Never bye feed in large quantities and do not store it for a long period. B uy feed that will be sufficient for one month, at a time. Feed bags should not be kept open and exposed as the feed will absorb moisture and get spoiled. Stack the feed bags one over the other properly.